Farage In Heated Debate With Pro-EU Caller Over House Of Lords

1 May 2018, 20:57 | Updated: 1 May 2018, 20:59

A caller told Farage that the House of Lords represent the 48% who voted to remain in the EU.

During a discussion on whether we should call a referendum on having the House of Lords abolished, Caller told Nigel Farage that the house of Lords exists to help protect those who voted to Remain in the EU referendum.

"The House of Lords is simply acting as a gatekeeper to protect the interests of the 48% of British voters who have been forgotten." He then went on to blame the closure of shops and banks as an example of Brexit's effects on the economy and insisted the referendum result was too close to call.

"Should have been a clear 60-40 majority on that vote."

Farage in LBC Studio
Farage in LBC Studio. Picture: LBC

Farage rejected this idea, insisting the House of Lords is "Stuffed with Blair's mates and Cameron's mates" and "passed it's sell-by date."

"All we want to do is be sovereign people that govern our own country! What on Earth is wrong with that?"