Nigel Farage Spells Out Why Britain Needs More Referendums

12 April 2017, 20:03 | Updated: 12 April 2017, 20:19

A group of MPs have published a report on what lessons need to be learnt after June’s Brexit referendum.

Among the findings, the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee argued the Government should have been better prepared for a vote to leave the European Union.

They also suggested there was possible “foreign interference” after the voter registration site crashed in the run-up to the ballot.

But, despite all that, Nigel Farage insisted he was keen on holding more referendums (or referenda) here in the United Kingdom.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "As leader of Ukip, which was the old me, in the last general election we put forward in our manifesto thatevery couple of years there should be the opportunity to have a national referendum, provided five percent of the electorate had signed a petition.

"I personally feel that we do need to have the ability to call a referendum at national level, at local level, I even feel we should be able to call a referendum at constituency level.

"It's called recall, if we're not happy with the way our MP is behaving, we should be able to sack him or her in between the five-year period that we've now got set for general elections."

Nigel argued the move would allow the public to better hold their MP to account.

He added: "We the people will become the bosses again and we'll beat this emergence of a new political class that we've seen of careerists over the last few decades."

Watch the video in full above.