Farage: Today's Attack Proves We Must Back Security Services

22 March 2017, 20:37 | Updated: 22 March 2017, 20:41

In the wake of the horrific terror attack in Westminster today, Nigel Farage reminded his LBC listeners why Britain’s security services must get our full backing.

"When our government decides to ban people from taking laptops on airplanes or tries to put restrictions and vetting on people coming into their country from other parts of the world, you know they're not doing it because they're bad people," Nigel said.

"They're doing it because they genuinely want to try and make us safer."

Criticisng those who argued against such restrictions, the LBC presenter continued: "We are living in a world that's become increasingly dangerous over the course of the last few years it is a question of how we deal with it.

"I genuinely believe in the greater good, we have to be 100 percent behind our police and security services in this country they need the tools to do this job, they've done a very good job, it's 10 years since this last happened in London, I hope it's a lot of them that before the next one."

Watch the full video above.