Nigel Farage Certain The “Mother Of All Bombs” Won't Beat Isis

13 April 2017, 20:19 | Updated: 13 April 2017, 20:20

The US military has unleashed its largest non-nuclear device on caves used by Islamic State in eastern Afghanistan - but Nigel Farage argues why this alone is not enough to defeat the caliphate.

Weighing a whopping 21,600 lbs (9,797kg), it’s the first time the so-called “mother of all bombs” has been used in combat.

But as it appears the US is throwing the full force of its military strength at tackling IS, Nigel is not convinced dropping bombs alone is enough.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: “I'm absolutely certain you can't beat Isis by fighting them in any one country.

“You have to have simultaneous action, it has to be happening at the same time in Yemen and in Nigeria and in Syria and everywhere where militarily they've got AK-47’s.

“If we're serious about this, we'll have to build the biggest grand alliance in history.”

Nigel continued to explain troops should be deployed on the ground, but they should not be boots from America or Britain.

“We have to work with all of those governments across the region,” he continued.

“We have to work with their armies, yes of course we can provide intelligence, yes of course we can provide kit, there's an awful lot of things we can do to help.

“But you can't win wars simply by bombing you need boots on the ground, but it mustn't be ours because otherwise the ideology will continue.”

Watch the video in full above.