Farage: Why I Didn't Refute "£350m for NHS" Figure Until After Brexit

27 April 2017, 20:21 | Updated: 27 April 2017, 20:40

Nigel Farage has revealed why he waited until after Brexit to condemn a disputed figure that leaving the EU could save the NHS £350m a week.

On Thursday (27th) Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told LBC’s Nick Ferrari the pledge “was right” despite others claiming it was not true.

Nigel clarified he was not part of the Vote Leave campaign group who made the pledge, but explained why he did not “openly condemn” it until after Britain had voted to leave the bloc.  

Speaking on his nightly LBC show, Nigel said: “When you've got your army and you're facing their army, what you don't do is shoot your own side in the back given the significance of what we were facing.”

Nigel now wants Boris to stop suggesting the NHS is in for a huge windfall after Britain’s departure from the EU is done and dusted.

He said: “It’s wrong… Yes sure we send over £250m a week, but we get bits back because the European Union do give us money.

“But net it's £250m a week. Had he just used that net figure that would have been big enough to convince voters that actually we were wasting an awful lot of money.”

You can watch Boris Johnson's interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC here.