Nigel Farage’s Epic Response To Listener Who Says Fishing Industry Is Irrelevant

29 August 2018, 20:24 | Updated: 29 August 2018, 20:45

Nigel Farage had a booming response up his sleeve when this LBC listener tried to tell him that the British fishing industry was irrelevant in 2018.

French fishermen have been accused of endangering the lives of British seafarers after chucking rocks and smoke bombs in a clash on the English Channel.

Footage of the incident off the coast of Normandy has been widely shared amid a row over access to scallops.

It left Nigel wondering whether action to regain British fishing waters needed to be taken straight after Brexit in March 2019.

But, he was soon accused of “banging on about fishing again” by an LBC listener.

Otto wrote: “It’s an industry which employs fewer people than Poundland and contributes less to overall GDP than Harrods in Knightsbridge. It's the biggest issue of Brexit apparently.”

But, Nigel hit back with a swift response as he stood firm for Britain’s fishermen.

He boomed: “You can take the mickey all you want, but how about this?

“We take back control of our territorial fishing waters, we manage it properly and it's going to be worth three to five billion pounds every single year to this country and it's also going to be the regeneration of many of our coastal towns and communities.

“Otto, you can write these people off if you want to, you can say they're irrelevant, but actually, I think in our hearts as an island people this matters.”