A Furious Nigel Farage Tells Caller “Don’t Put Words In My Mouth!”

20 April 2017, 21:34 | Updated: 20 April 2017, 21:57

Nigel Farage was left irate by an LBC caller who accused him of telling lies during the EU referendum campaign.

Saira called Nigel moments after the former Ukip leader announced he would not stand in the forthcoming General Election.

“But why would we even vote for you?” the LBC caller blasted.

She continued: “After what you did during Brexit, the lies, the £350 million we're still waiting on that.”

Nigel was quick to point out the red bus was part of a different anti-EU campaign which he had nothing to do with.

Not convinced, Saira fired back: “You deny it now.”

Becoming increasingly frustrated, Nigel fumed: “Do you know what, I didn't deny it, I never mentioned it once don't put words into my mouth that are false!”

As tempers flared, Saira told Nigel she was unhappy he’d been given the “platform” of a radio show.

Having no more, Nigel finished the call: “Isn't a dreadful... Can you really imagine that someone like me, who led a party in 2014 to winning a national election.

“Can you believe it, isn't that ghastly and you know I'm happy for anyone to ring up and disagree but please please get your facts right because I'm afraid that one wasn't correct.”

Watch the fiery clash in full above.