Furious Tory voter tells Nigel Farage that Boris Johnson is "a total joke"

1 June 2020, 20:28

By Fiona Jones

This furious Conservative voter told Nigel Farage the Prime Minister is a "total joke" for his handling of coronavirus and calls for a "bit of honesty" from the government.

Caller Daniel told Nigel he voted Conservative in the general election with "high hopes."

"You cannot believe how disappointed I am with Boris," Daniel said, "it's a total joke the way he's handled this crisis."

Nigel countered that the Prime Minister had said the government had made all the right decisions at the right time guided by the science.

Daniel said: "They would blame the scientists, wouldn't they? It's a blame game and it's going to be a blame game until the official inquiry comes out...from what I've seen is rely on his advisors to instruct him to do this, do that.

"I live half the time in the south of France. The way Macron has handled it is exemplary."

Nigel commended French leader Emmanuel Macron for his contrition in an address to the nation, where he conceded he had made mistakes and pledged to get a hold on the pandemic.

Furious Tory voter tells Nigel Farage that Boris Johnson is "a total joke"
Furious Tory voter tells Nigel Farage that Boris Johnson is "a total joke". Picture: PA/LBC

Caller Daniel agreed: "For Boris, it's one mistake after another and it's so disappointing."

Nigel countered that the Prime Minister was unwell for quite some time and he has not made many public addresses since, so the person that makes these promises is Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Daniel agreed, calling Matt Hancock the "de facto" Prime Minister: "It's like Boris hid himself away in a cupboard...with his fingers in his ears not wanting to take decisions that have to be taken."

Daniel branded the test and trace system "a total disaster" following reports of problems with technology and staff saying they were being paid up to £27.75 per hour for doing nothing.

The Prime Minister had pledged this would be a "world-beating" system by June 1 and in Monday's coronavirus daily briefing, the Health Secretary said it was "up and running" and "successful".

Daniel laughed and said he did not believe the Health Secretary and instead calls for a "bit of honesty."