Furloughed father shares fear of losing job with Nigel Farage

12 May 2020, 19:43 | Updated: 12 May 2020, 19:57

Caller needs to return to work to save for children's future

By Seán Hickey

This furloughed worker told Nigel he was worried for the wellbeing of his family if he is furloughed for much longer.

Nigel was speaking to Scott in Brighton who has been furloughed as a worker in the hospitality industry. He revealed to Nigel that he feels his life has been put on hold while he waits to return to work, and wondered if he would even have a job to go back to if he was left at home much longer.

"I'm not a great deal better off than other people are reaping the rewards for this" he said. Nigel was referencing people who were delighted to receive 80% of their wage while sat at home before Scott called in to share his agitated story.

He wondered if he was "actually better off staying home with the furlough" feeling that people are only secure on a short term basis with the current furlough rules.

"I'm not making any headway, I'm not saving up for my children's future" he said, telling Nigel how worried he was about when his children return to school, while he remains home waiting for his industry to start up again.

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Nigel tried to look on the bright side for Scott, who was clearly dejected by not knowing where he stands in terms of work. "You must be spending more time with your children" Nigel said.

Scott didn't hesitate to say "it's brilliant spending time with them, but equally it needs to go back to normality."

"I want to go back as soon as possible" adding that "if it doesn't go back to normality for me, I night not have a job to go back to." This brought Nigel alive, insisting that it was his point of criticism for the furlough scheme is that many workers had no idea when they could, if ever, return to work.