Greta Thunberg is a 'tabloid star' who is being exploited, says Nigel Farage caller

22 January 2020, 20:36

This caller told Nigel Farage he felt sorry for Greta Thunberg because she's a "tabloid star" and "the people behind her are exploiting her."

The caller Alan said this because he doesn't believe the climate crisis is as bad as is being made out.

Nigel pointed out that it is undeniable that we've had seven of the hottest years on record in the last decade.

"I agree with that and I'm not a denier but the records have only been going for 140 years and the world's been going for four and a half billion years," Alan said, "so it's a stretch to say it is categorically true."

He said there probably is global warming and it probably is manmade but actually it may not do us any harm.

"Greta tells us the world's going to be on fire, that sea levels are going to rise, millions could die, we're being told," Nigel said.

The caller responded, "There aren't any responsible people that say that. It's people like Greta who are tabloid stars really."

"I think it's just ridiculous, I feel sorry for her," he said, "I think she's been exploited. I don't think the people behind her are well-meaning. I think there's an agenda. I think the people behind her are exploiting and using her to push that."

Nigel said he'd been sensing this for some time but to say it is "heresy."