Nigel Farage: Health Tourism Costs This Country £2bn A Year

19 November 2017, 16:09

He's said it once and he'll say it again, Nigel Farage says the NHS can be helped by cracking down on health tourism.

Nigel Farage says there's a simple solution to the NHS funding crisis, combat health tourism.

A group of 90 MPs, 33 of which are Conservative, have written to the Prime Minister and Chancellor calling for urgent funding for the NHS.

The letter demands the government "address the short term pressures on the system" in next week's budget, in order to address public anxiety about services which are under "considerable strain."

One of those strains is health tourism, Nigel Farage said, amounting to £2 billion a year.

He said: "We touched earlier on foreign nationals being treated in the NHS. It's an issue that I've raised in the past and been screamed at for daring to talk about it.

"But £2 billion a year is the cost of health tourism in this country.

"You may say that's a small part of the overall health budget, but hey, it's still £2 billion."

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