I Pray For May's Deal So The UK Can Reunite, Caller Tells Nigel Farage

1 October 2019, 20:29 | Updated: 1 October 2019, 20:34

A caller tells Nigel Farage he "prays for Theresa May's deal" to be implemented so we can put the anger behind us and "bring the country back together again."

Graham from Hove said: "I just think it’s the most sensible, pragmatic thing to do.”

Nigel asks: “As an ardent Remainer, do you want that because you know we haven’t really left?”

Graham replied: “Well I could live with it because the reality is that I like being European, I trust the people in Europe and I just think this has gotten so divisive.

"The idea that Boris Johnson would take us out with no deal - I just think the resentment and anger in the country will just never go.

And the idea of bringing back the country together, I think in any divorce nobody gets anything they really want,” the caller said, proposing that the country says: “let’s just put this thing behind us.”

Nigel Farage: I can't feel British while being governed by Jean-Claude Juncker
Nigel Farage: I can't feel British while being governed by Jean-Claude Juncker. Picture: PA

Graham then asked Nigel that he’d said Theresa May’s deal is worse than staying in, if Nigel had two choices, would he accept her deal or stay in the EU?

“Stay at home,” said Nigel. He continued that whenever he talks about Europe, “not the European Union because “they’re two clean different things” in his view, “you will find that the vast majority of Leavers actually rather love Europe.”

“We love the idea of different countries, different cultures, we want trade with Europe, we want friendship with Europe, but we do believe the individual nation state is the right way forward.”

Nigel continued that Leavers just don’t see the unelected presidents of the EU as Europe, and something we should be part of.

Graham replied: “I do see point but I just don’t feel frightened of it. I love being British, although it’s not a great time to be British right now. I still can feel extremely British whilst being in the European Union.”

Nigel replied: “I can’t, not while being governed by Mr Juncker, Graham!”

“He seems like a really good bloke!” said Graham.

Nigel laughed: “Well I like him as a person but that’s not the point!”