“I Was A Remainer, But The EU’s Bullying Has Made Me A Committed Brexiteer”

3 January 2018, 20:27 | Updated: 3 January 2018, 20:47

Paul voted to Remain in the referendum, but he’s become so fed up with the EU “bullying” Britain, he told Nigel Farage he is now a committed Brexiteer.

“Lord Heseltine, Lord Adonis, Sir Vincent Cable, and now Sir Nicholas Clegg going on and on about how we should stop it - the answer is no,” the caller from Portsmouth thundered on Wednesday evening.

He was speaking as Liam Fox called for an end to the “obsessive criticism” of Brexit, urging Remainers to “lift their horizons”.

The international trade secretary said “attitudes needed to change” in 2018 ahead of his visit to China.

During a call which left Nigel reeling, Paul explained why he had switched sides.

“I've been so appalled at Barnier, Tusk and Juncker etc, bullying this country,” he said.

“I've got to the stage where I am a committed, I don't like the word Brexiteer, but I am going to say I'm a committed Brexiteer. I want out!”

He added: “I’ve gotten so fed up with all this nonsense that has come out from all these people, they don't want to respect the wishes of the British people - I do!”

Meanwhile, polling conducted by YouGov last month showed support for Britain remaining in the EU has fallen to 39 per cent.

The EuroTrack survey of nearly 1,700 Brits indicated 48 per cent of people would now rather leave and go ahead with Brexit.

In a separate call to Nigel on Wednesday, the LBC presenter was challenged over the of sterling against the dollar.

Nigel promised the sterling chart would be put on the website, you can see that here.