"I fear I may become a coronavirus spreader," deliveryman tells Nigel Farage

4 March 2020, 20:22

By Fiona Jones

This delivery man opened up about how worried he is that he may become a coronavirus spreader.

Jack travels all over to deliver groceries to people and his concern is he could end up spreading the superbug.

"I don't just deliver to peoples' houses...I can go in one day from student accommodation, to nursing homes, to inside peoples' houses. Sometimes they're disabled and I need to take the shopping in," Jack said.

"I could be going in the space of half an hour, I could be entering the space of a 92 year old then in to a house with children, then into student accommodation. I delivered to GP surgeries, I've delivered to business," he said, "we're constantly in and out of these buildings touching things."

He said that while business will be lucrative, "I'm worried about the part I might play in it and people like me." He also pointed out that those who are self-isolated will need shopping delivered.

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