Incensed Caller: "Brexit's Made Me So Angry, It's Taken Over My Life"

22 October 2018, 19:44

This furious caller argued Theresa May has had enough time to sort out Brexit, and that if she doesn't deliver she will never vote for the Conservatives again.

Carol from Bournemouth told Nigel that the Brexit negotiations had taken over her life.

The Prime Minister "is not delivering what we voted for", the caller said.

Carol has even contacted her local MP to say that if "Theresa May does not deliver the Brexit I voted for, I will never never never vote for the Conservative party ever again". Nigel said that he 100% believed her.

"When David Davis said that there would be dire consequences for the Conservative party if she messes up Brexit, I think David Davis was right", said Nigel.

Carol wasn't happy, you can watch her fume above.