"It's middle class hypocrisy": Nigel Farage criticises lockdown flouters

4 May 2020, 19:29

By Fiona Jones

Nigel Farage criticised lockdown flouters for their display of "middle class hypocrisy" while reflecting on the government's daily press conference.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock today announced that testing for a new NHS coronavirus tracking app will begin on the Isle of Wight, urging the public to download it to help save lives.

The app is expected to be "up and running" throughout the UK by the middle of May, according to Mr Hancock, which Nigel called "fanciful to say the least."

Nigel then reflected on the polls that reportedly show 70-80% of people do not think the lockdown should end.

"Yet when I went out at the weekend on Saturday I passed a local historical attraction. You couldn't get in the carpark.

"I've never seen so many cyclists on the road in all my life and these aren't short distance cyclists, people popping out for an hour, people popping out for the day in absolutely huge numbers.

"It almost seems to me there's a bit of middle-class hypocrisy here. It's as if lockdown needs to stay but lockdown really is for everybody else and not me," he said.

Nigel continued that the government have to decide what to do this week as this second phase of this lockdown ends.

"We're told that Boris Johnson is going to set out a roadmap not until next Sunday," he said, "my guess is it'll be a television broadcast to the nation... and yet here we are on Monday and already we know pretty much what the lockdown is going to mean for businesses."

He questioned why the UK has to wait until next Sunday to find out; perhaps, to ease us gently out of the lockdown, he posited.