“Jeremy Corbyn Is More Brexit Than I Am!” - Nigel Farage

5 February 2019, 19:33 | Updated: 5 February 2019, 19:52

After a video surfaced of Jeremy Corbyn attacking the EU and the idea of second referendums, Nigel Farage declared: “He is more Brexit than I am!”

Speaking in 2009, the now Labour leader told an audience he does “not want to live in a European empire of the 21st century”.

He also mocked the idea of second referendums in the video uncovered by The Red Roar.

Giving his reaction live from Brussels, Nigel was almost lost for words.

“Gosh, he is more Brexit than I am,” the LBC presenter quipped.

"Corbyn is a hardliner! I only called it the 'new Soviet' he calls it a 'Frankenstein'!"

Watch Nigel's full response above.