Key worker tells Nigel Farage roads and parks are "packed"

22 April 2020, 18:56

By Fiona Jones

This key worker who commutes to London by car told Nigel Farage just how busy the capital has become.

This comes after Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said we can only ease lockdown measures once we have a high quality vaccine, and the likelihood of this happening in 2020 is "incredibly small."

The caller James told Nigel said there is "definitely" more traffic on the road in the last week.

"I travel up and down the A3 and when the lockdown first came in, it was like a ghost town," he said, "I'd only see one or two cars on my travels.

"This evening when I travelled back it was very busy indeed," James told Nigel.

When driving around London and looking at the commons such as Hyde Park it was "packed with people on bikes, people talking."

"I think it's got to the point where people are fed up, and maybe they think that because they've seen the figures come down that they can relax."