Knife Crime: Man Feels So Unsafe He “Wears A Bodycam” While Out In London

5 March 2019, 20:01

An LBC caller told Nigel Farage he now feels so unsafe following a recent spate of stabbings, he wears a body camera when travelling around London.

Rudy told Nigel “nowhere is safe” and the body-worn technology gave him “some chance of catching the person responsible” if the worst happened.

The pair spoke on the day the Met Police Commissioner said police cuts are linked to the surge in violence - despite Theresa May suggesting otherwise.

Speaking on LBC, Cressida Dick told Nick Ferrari: “There is some link between violent crime on the streets and police numbers, of course there is. Everybody would see that.”

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

The number of fatal stabbings in the capital has already reached 20 so far this year.

And Rudy said the figure has him very worried.

“It’s got to the extent now, I actually bought a body camera the same as the police use for my own protection,” the caller said to Nigel.

“When you start seeing trouble happening in Soho, Mayfair and Oxford Street - which are major touristy places, you get to the extent where if it happens here, nowhere is safe.

“At least if I’ve got that, then I’ve got some chance if something happens to me to then catch the perpetrators that did it.”