Labour Member Struggles To Tell Nigel What Corbyn’s Policy On Brexit Is

19 April 2017, 20:58 | Updated: 25 April 2017, 14:09

Nigel Farage sought the help of his LBC listeners to try and understand Jeremy Corbyn’s policy on Brexit - but not even a Labour member could help him out.

After asking throughout the show, Nigel thought he’d struck gold when Matthew called into his nightly programme.

The LBC presenter quizzed Matthew: “I've asked two or three times tonight already and perhaps you as a paid up Labour man can help me… what is Corbyn's policy on Brexit at this election?”

Sadly for Nigel, Matthew responded: “As a fully paid up Labour man I wish I had the answer.”

The caller continued: “The general gist of it is, from what I know and I maybe speaking out turn here but I doubt it very much, is that the Labour Party are not going into this election having Brexit as their main point.”

Nigel said it was “disastrous” for voters to “simply not know” what stance the leader of the Opposition was taking.

Matthew added: “I think it's a very bad move and I think his whole stance on the Brexit was a very very bad stance and that has automatically got him on the back foot.

“He hasn't bounced back and he hasn't actually said: 'You know what let's get on with it, we're doing Brexit, this is the way we are going to’.”

As Matthew finished, he told Nigel he was even considering cancelling his direct debit over the party’s leadership.