Former Labour Member Left Party Because Voicing Immigration Concerns Was A "No-No"

30 April 2018, 21:05 | Updated: 30 April 2018, 21:19

Nigel Farage was left confused by Diane Abbott on Labour's immigration policy, but this caller told him that she had to leave Labour because she wasn't able to voice her concerns on the matter.

Christine, in Shepards Bush, told Nigel it was an "absolute no-no" to voice concerns on immigration, so she left the party altogether.

She described the Windrush scandal as a "disgrace" but said her former-party didn't want the Windrush community "to be treated anyway that could be called toxic."

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was asked six times this morning about Labour’s immigration policy, but Nigel Farage was left unsure as to what it actually is.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Diane Abbot said she does not back Boris Johnson’s amnesty for illegal immigrants and yet she said Labour’s policy is not to deport them either.

When asked if she wanted to see people given amnesty, she said that "the immigration and national department is not fit for purpose."

"I don't blame the staff but it is the department that needs reviewing and reorganising."

"With respect that's not an answer to my question. What is Labours policy. Do you think they should be removed from the country?" said Piers.

Ms Abbott replied: "No Piers, The logical fall out, is to try and work towards an immigration and nationality."