Caller's Verdict On Corbyn: "He Couldn't Organise A P***-** In A Brewery!"

2 February 2017, 20:43 | Updated: 2 February 2017, 21:29

Nigel Farage laughing in the studio

LBC caller Kevin makes his feelings about the effectiveness of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader well and truely felt.

The former UKIP leader invited an LBC caller to give his views on Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn and asked whether he's got a true grasp of his party:

Nigel Farage: "What do you think about the state of the Labour Party?"

"Well firstly I think it's pretty obvious that he couldn't organise a p***-** in a brewery very
well, when even his ex-girlfriend Dianne Abbott had to pull a sicky... I just sort ofdoubt it."

Nigel Farage:
"Whatever happens in the Labour Party. Diane Abbott is not emerging well out of all of this. Diane, please call in because people are really saying nasty things about you."

think the problem and the reason why the Labour Party is dying, and i think the rot set in long before Corbyn was elected. I think it was almost entirely down to the large scale immigration that was started under Blair and long since abandoning the purpose they were set up for, which is to protect the working class and now they are insisting on pursuing their own liberal globalist ideologies like large scale immigration and it doesn't benefit the most vulnerable in society."

Nigel Farage:
"No, and I think Kevin that's a very strong point and I have to say that Diane Abbott perhaps is the one figure on that Labour front bench that causes more
offense to Old Labour on this issue than anybody else. She still is on the line that if you're talking about this issue then basically you're racist and you're stupid. Kevin you're right and I thank you for your call. Even if the language was a little bit fruity for before the watershed."