LBC Listener Asks Nigel Farage: "How Do You Sleep At Night?"

8 March 2019, 12:19

Nigel Farage hit back at this LBC listener who slammed his stance on Brexit and asked him: “How do you sleep at night?”

Alan sent a text to the LBC presenter during a debate on whether Brexiteer MPs should back Theresa May’s deal next week or risk an extension to Article 50.

Earlier this week Toyota and BMW became the latest car manufactures to warn of the potential consequences a no-deal Brexit could have on UK production.

Nigel Farage
Picture: LBC

So Alan asked Nigel: “Are you happy to see car workers lose their jobs?

“How do you sleep at night Nigel?”

But, Nigel hit back: “You might have noticed, falling demand from China for motorcars, diesel engines - which are government encouraged - suddenly demand has collapsed for them and a free trade deal with Japan is sending manufacturing back there as well.”

And, he wasn’t finished there - watch what happened next above.