Leave Voter's Hilarious Assessment Of Theresa May Tickles Nigel Farage

10 September 2017, 12:15

Prakash said he felt embarrassed for the Queen having to deliver Theresa May's Queen's Speech.

Following Lord Harris' remarks this weekend describing Theresa May as "hopeless and weak", Nigel Farage asked whether May will stay at 10 Downing Street.

Prakash, calling from Camberwell, said: "Absolutely not. And she can't be redeemed either, I don't think she's got any future as a Prime Minister.

"With respect to Brexit she has completely mishandled the whole situation.

"She gave us the image that she was considering things very carefully 12 months ago and was developing a plan - and we all trusted her.

"It's turned out she has no plan, she's got no imagination, she's got no vision, she's got no strategic thinking - really she's just working one day out at a time.

"She's got no destination on Brexit and because she's got no destination she's not going to get there.

"She's going to make a complete mess of it.

"She went into this election with a half-baked manifesto. That's now been discredited.

"The poor old Queen had to give a Queen's speech. The poor woman.

"She put the Queen through this pain of a program that had no substance to it. Now May is in power she's got nothing to say and no proposals to make."

Nigel could barely stifle a laugh as the Leave voter said he felt embarrassed for Her Majesty.

Watch the full clip above.