Nigel Farage insists lockdown should be eased: "we should get on with our lives"

31 May 2020, 13:44

Nigel Farage thinks it's time to lift lockdown

By Seán Hickey

Lifting lockdown slowly in the UK from Monday is the right decision to make not only economically, but for the health of Brits.

Nigel Farage was looking at the pros and cons of the UK reopening slowly from Monday when he started to list out why he felt it was the right thing to do. "I wish we had a proper test and trace system in place like Germany did three months ago" he began, but reminded listeners that the argument that the UK is following science is flawed.

Referencing SAGE committee members being outspoken in their objections to lockdown ease, Nigel argued that "there's no such thing as following the science because scientists always have different opinions."

Nigel argued that "the total focus on Covid-19 meant so many other people have died of other conditions because we haven't had the room to treat them" and as transmission reduces, we need to allow hospitals to treat people again.

Nigel added that an easing of lockdown would also benefit the hospitality industry in the UK. "How many pubs and restaurants will never open again" he asked, reminding listeners that bills still need to be paid during lockdown.

Nigel insisted that easing lockdown is not only a good economic decision, but it is the only logical one
Nigel insisted that easing lockdown is not only a good economic decision, but it is the only logical one. Picture: PA

Nigel also sympathised with "the self-employed and sole traders out there that can't go on much longer" if lockdown stays as it had been set in March.

He added that he isn't sure the government or the people of the UK should be putting all their eggs in one basket. "This feeling that there'll be a vaccine by October I think is for the birds" he said, adding that there are other ways for people to remain safe without a vaccine present.

"I think we have to get on with the rest of our lives" Nigel said, supporting the government's decision to ease lockdown.

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