"My colleague has coronavirus so now others are skiving off work," caller tells Nigel Farage

4 March 2020, 19:32

This caller told Nigel Farage that because one colleague is being treated for coronavirus others at work are using is as an excuse to skive.

A member of Louise's company has been diagnosed with a "mild" case of coronavirus so her firm have taken all the right precautions.

"I just feel like people are just using it as an escape basically not to come to work," she told Nigel, "we went in, we were completely assured that everything is fine and for the people who have been in contact with this person have been notified.

"Everybody else should be absolutely fine to go back to work but they weren't."

Louise said that she knows it's scary but there's "no reason" for her colleagues to be off - she accused people of freaking out too early and "taking the mick."