Nigel Calls For Neutrality From Universities Teaching Brexit

29 October 2017, 15:55

Personal bias should be eliminated from university teaching, Nigel Farage says.

MP for Daventry Chris Heaton-Harris has requested to be provided with information on what was being taught about Britain’s departure from the EU.

Downing Street has insisted the letters were made in his role as an MP rather than as a Government representative.

Nigel Farage said it was absolutely right that the UK know the content of Brexit lectures and that teaching be done from a position of complete neutrality.

He said: "He has been met with outrage. He's behaving like a McCarthyite, a censor. Thou doth protest too much I thought very, very quickly.

"Tom Brake, the Lib Dem Brexit spokesperson, genuinely, genuinely believes that because the CBI and other economists and businesses say Brexit is a negative that that is what the universities should be teaching.

"I passionately disagree with that, I think the universities should be absolutely neutral.

"Tough though, when they're getting all this money."

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