Nigel Farage Asks "What The Hell Is Liam Fox's Department Doing"

11 June 2019, 19:30

Nigel Farage gives his brutal reaction to the progress of talks around a no-deal Brexit and questioned exactly what Liam Fox's department is doing.

When one called rang in to ask Nigel Farage what his thoughts were on stalling Brexit to set up preliminary no-deal agreements Nigel replied: "We've had three years! And about all they've come up with is Switzerland and South Korea.

"What the hell is Liam Fox's department doing?"

Mr Farage said he also got the impression that when he met US President Donald Trump and senior members of his administration that "America is absolutely ready to put its side of the negotiation for a trade deal on the table, and we've done precious little."

Nigel Farage was answering listeners calls on LBC.
Nigel Farage was answering listeners calls on LBC. Picture: LBC

"We've still got four and a half months before we're due to leave. A government and a Prime Minister that was serious on delivering on the will of the people, who understood how business negotiations work would now be calling in a team of business people."

Nigel summed up that the government was "just not serious."

The LBC presenter went on to say he did not want "free movement of people," but that he did want the UK to "stop discriminating against some parts of the world in favour of free movement for others."

Nigel ended by saying that we should draw a distinction between people coming to work and people coming to settle.

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