Farage Battles Caller Who Says Shamima Begum Should Be Allowed Back In Britain

21 February 2019, 19:43 | Updated: 21 February 2019, 20:04

Nigel Farage battled an LBC caller who said Isis bride Shamima Begum should be allowed back in Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn said the 19-year-old who ran away to Syria had a “right to return to Britain” and revoking her citizenship was “extreme”.

The Labour leader told ITV News Begum should face “a lot of questions” and “at that point any action may or may not be taken”.

Nigel said Mr Corbyn was “out of touch” with public opinion on this issue.

Shamima Begum was the subject of Nigel Farage's debate on Thursday
Shamima Begum was the subject of Nigel Farage's debate on Thursday. Picture: LBC

But, Maria from Walthamstow said she agreed with the Labour chief.

“She should she brought back,” the caller said.

“What crime do we have against her? What has she done?”

“This is her home, why is it in question to let her back.”

Nigel retorted the argument, replying: “She turned her back on her home.

“She went to be part of an organisation which is an enemy of this country, an enemy of all of our values, and now Mr Corbyn seems to think she needs help, presumably that means a council house and some money and all the rest of it.”

Defiant, Maria continued to argue her point, adding: “I’m really disturbed by the fact that people were able to leave here and join Israel and fight and comeback heroes and yet when somebody leaves to join Isis - we have a double standard.”

Watch the clash above.