Nigel Farage Bursts Into Laughter At This Caller Who Says He Has Bad Luck

6 May 2018, 12:20

Nigel Farage was shocked into laughter by this caller's suggestion he is full of bad luck.

A caller told Nigel Farage he was hypocritical for discussing whether Jeremy Corbyn was strong enough to lead the Labour Party as he "was sacked" by UKIP.

The former UKIP leader, who was not sacked but instead resigned the position after the EU referendum in 2016, immediately burst into laughter.

"If I was sacked from UKIP, how could I have an objective debate?" he said.

"I'd be full of bile and anger and bitterness on this lovely bank holiday!"

Sandra nipped in, saying that he was full of bad luck.

But Nigel explained why, in actual fact, he is "one of the luckiest people that's ever been born."

"I may be many horrible, terrible things, but I don't bring bad luck" he said.