Nigel Farage Calls For Brexit Party To Take Part In EU Exit Negotiations

27 May 2019, 19:53

In his first show after a landslide at EU elections, Nigel Farage said he thinks Brexit Party MEPs should take part in exit negotiations.

Thomas from Norfolk called to tell the Brexit party leader that he doesn't believe "32% if the vote is a mandate for a no-deal exit," which would be a "big change for the country."

Nigel Farage replied by saying "Brexit's a big change for the country."

Which the caller agreed with, but said that "no-deal is about as extreme as you can go."

Thomas suggested a large portion of the country could have used the EU elections to vote for a no-deal Brexit.

"It wasn't a referendum," Nigel said, suggesting some of the experienced business people who were elected for the Brexit Party should join the negotiations in Brussels.

The Brexit Party took 32% of the vote in EU elections.
The Brexit Party took 32% of the vote in EU elections. Picture: LBC

When Thomas asked what he proposed they put forward in the negotiations, Nigel fired back with firstly scrapping the withdrawal agreement which has "failed three times in Parliament" and it "doesn't deliver Brexit."

The Brexit Party leader said his party could use their business experience to "make sure leaving on WTO rules is as smooth as possible."

"This time last week the Conservatives were still working with the Labour party on a deal," Mr Farage asked why they couldn't work with "one or two of the business figures from the Brexit party?"

The caller said he didn't think the UK would be able to get a trade deal within the five months before the Brexit Halloween deadline.

"We've got five months," Mr Farage said pointing out that Donald Tusk had said the EU would talk about a "simple trade agreement," but that the Prime Minister did not want that.

"She wanted a close and special partnership."

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