Nigel Farage: Corbyn's Position Within Labour Is "In Peril"

29 May 2019, 19:28 | Updated: 29 May 2019, 19:30

Nigel Farage tells a caller he thinks Jeremy Corbyn's position within Labour is "in peril."

With the news fresh that the Labour Party had expelled a member who did not vote for the party in the EU elections, Nigel Farage was asking if Jeremy Corbyn should back Tom Waston's call for an amnesty for those who voted for other parties.

One caller wanted to know what would happen if a Brexit Party member who voted for another party would be sacked.

Nigel said he would tell the person "you're in the wrong place," and he'd give them their £25 membership fee back.

The caller then started to list politicians he'd like to see sacked. Starting off with Commons Speaker John Bercow, he swiftly moved on to Jeremy Corbyn.

Nigel replied "I've got a feeling that Corbyn's position as leader is in peril."

Nigel Farage couldn't help but laugh.
Nigel Farage couldn't help but laugh. Picture: LBC

Telling the caller that the people who "really pull the strings in the Labour Party" are "very much committed to remaining in the European Union" and wanting a second referendum.

Nigel said if Jeremy Corbyn doesn't get off the fence and support what Tom Watson, Alastair Campbell and Lord Adonis want then he'll "face a challenge to his position."

The caller said: "That's already happened." Adding that "people are too scared" of Corbyn.

The Brexit Party leader said: "I think what they're scared of is that hundreds of thousands of people, at three quid a pop, signed up to the Labour Party and there is a big Corbynista base out there."

When the caller asked if he would follow Tom Watson's advice and hold an amnesty the caller left Nigel Farage laughing.

He said: "If I were Jermy Corbyn I would do what Corbyn always does and not take a decision."

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