Nigel Farage Demands UK OECD Funding Is Scrapped After Brexit Intervention

17 October 2017, 20:03 | Updated: 18 October 2017, 06:56

Nigel Farage has demanded the UK stops its contributions to the OECD after it said reversing Brexit would boost the economy.

In a rip-roaring rant, the LBC presenter accused the organisation of “playing an overtly political game” in a bid to appease the EU.

Broadcasting from Hollywood, he added the OECD had “no right” to interfere by making “political judgements”.

In a significant intervention on Tuesday the organisation warned a “no deal” would also see investment slow and the UK’s credit rating cut.

But Nigel believes the remarks were only made because its biggest contributor happens to be the EU.

He now wants the extra annual £10m spent by the UK on the OECD to now stop.

He said: “They ought to be urging the European Union and the United Kingdom to have a free trade agreement to continue tariff free trade because if we don't they could be some elements of disruption.

“But of course far from doing that they are playing an overtly political game by saying to us that a second referendum on a vote to rejoin would be a good thing.

“Of course he who pays the piper calls the tune and it's the European Union that are keeping their very nice lifestyles in Paris going and that is why they’re coming to their aid and supporting them in every way they can.”