Nigel Farage dons his exclusive gift from President Trump

10 February 2020, 19:23

Nigel Farage donned his exclusive gift from President Trump.

After the US impeachment process had ended and President Trump had been acquitted by the Senate, Nigel Farage visited him in the Oval Office.

Nigel gave Mr Trump one of the 4500 Brexit 50p coins that had been minted at the Royal Mint on 31st January.

"Even though I did rather like the fact I owned one of these I gave him that," Nigel said, "and in return he gave me something that is not really out yet."

He was referring to the Trump campaign hat for 2020 entitled: Keep America Great.

When President Trump gave him the hat, he assured Nigel it was in great demand - Nigel's only regret was failing to get it signed.