Nigel Farage Gives An Unexpected Compliment To One EU Bureaucrat

20 June 2019, 19:46

During a call about the Conservative leadership race, Nigel Farage ended up paying a rare compliment to Chief European Negotiator Michel Barnier.

When Nigel Farage asked this caller if it was possible that Jeremy Hunt would give Boris Johnson a "run for his money," her reply was that it was "unlikely."

Admitting she didn't mind which of the two Tory leadership contenders won, she told LBC she did not believe Mr Hunt had "enough personality," adding that she thought Boris Johnson's "gaffes" help him get publicity.

She said she believed Boris would do a good job if he got into Number 10, but said she was concerned the UK was being "stitched up by the EU," asking "who chose the 31st of October if they're all on holiday or sitting around chatting."

Mr Farage paid an EU bureaucrat a rare compliment.
Mr Farage paid an EU bureaucrat a rare compliment. Picture: LBC

Nigel Farage said it was a "genius" move. He told Anne the last time he saw Michel Barnier he told him "I wish you were on our side."

"He's a really clever negotiator," Mr Farage said of the European Chief Negotiator for Brexit.

Anne said the country needed all MEPs "getting on our side in the EU" to deliver Brexit.

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