Nigel Farage Gives His Reaction To Boris And His Photo Comments

25 June 2019, 19:38

Following an interview with LBC which saw Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson grilled over a photo which appeared in the press, Nigel Farage gave his reaction.

On Tuesday Boris Johnson spoke to LBC's Nick Ferrari, one of the questions that came up was surrounding a photo of Mr Johnson with girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

The front pages of most of today's newspapers are of the frontrunner to be the next Prime Minister with his girlfriend sitting at a wooden table in the middle of a field.

Nick Ferrari suggested the picture was old - judging by his haircut at the time - and asked again and again when the picture was taken.

Nigel Farage gave his reaction to the interview during his LBC show.

"Oh dear, oh dear," Nigel said as the audio of the interview was played.

Nigel said: "That was Nick and Boris this morning, some of you think it was wrong, dead wrong there was any of this personal intrusion.

"And I understand that line argument, and I honestly believe what went on behind the closed doors of that flat is none of our business."

Nigel said it only became a story when there police were called, "probably maliciously."

On the subject of the timely appearance of a photo of the happy couple Nigel said it was almost "riding to the rescue."

'Did that sound like believable Boris? I don't think it really did," the LBC host said.

Watch the video at the top of the page, or watch the whole Nigel Farage Show here. Today Nigel was asking if Boris had found his mojo.