Nigel Farage gives his take on the Home Secretary's immigration bill

18 May 2020, 19:50

By Fiona Jones

Nigel Farage gives his take on the Home Secretary's proposed immigration bill.

Priti Patel today outlined the government's new immigration bill that will replace EU regulations if it is passed by Parliament.

The Home Secretary says ending free movement to the UK and having a points-based system will create a "firmer, fairer and simpler system".

Nigel said it is a "massive step in the right direction" that Priti Patel announced an immigration bill that will "treat people who want to come and live and work in the United Kingdom equally regardless whether they come from India, Australia, Romania or Germany.

"The free movement of the people of Europe sent us in a direction where we were beginning to turn our backs on the Commonwealth and the rest of the world. Treating everybody equally is the best and the fairest kind of immigration policy."

Nigel Farage gives his take on the immigration bill
Nigel Farage gives his take on the immigration bill. Picture: LBC/PA

Nigel said it is important to control the quantity of people coming in to the country: "Our population has risen by over six million since 2001 and 80% of that is down to immigration. I do not believe a rapidly rising population improves our quality of life."

"They've set the barriers for educational ability and income earning potential so low that actually numbers coming into the UK could increase not decrease as a result of this and then we have to question their competence," he said.

He told listeners that over the last three days 150 people have come into the UK via a dinghy which poses a security risk and "makes us a laughing stock."

He asked: "If Priti Patel can't get a grip on what's happening in the English Channel, how can we trust her to put a completely brand new immigration system into place?"