Nigel Farage Gives His Verdict On Dyson's Decision To Move HQ To Singapore

22 January 2019, 19:31 | Updated: 22 January 2019, 19:44

Nigel Farage had this response to the news that Brexit-backing businessman Sir James Dyson is to relocate Dyson’s HQ to Singapore.

Chief executive Jim Rowan insisted it had “nothing to do with Brexit or tax” but instead was “about making sure we are future proofed”.

It means Dyson will no longer be a British registered company and Singapore will become its main tax base.

Dyson's HQ is being moved from the UK to Singapore
Dyson's HQ is being moved from the UK to Singapore. Picture: PA/LBC

The move is likely to prove controversial as founder and owner Sir James is an outspoken supporter of Brexit.

Nigel, however, believes it shows how we now live in a “global economy and not a European economy”.

“But, no doubt the usual suspects will attack him,” the LBC presenter added.

Watch Nigel Farage’s full analysis above and see if you agree with him.