Nigel Farage Hammers Tony Blair's Open Door U-Turn

10 September 2017, 10:52 | Updated: 10 September 2017, 13:24

The former Prime Minister announced today that he no longer believed an open door border policy was appropriate.

Nigel Farage responded today to Tony Blair's announcement that the UK needs tougher immigration controls.

Mr Blair also acknowledged the approach marks a radical departure after he imposed no restrictions on immigration when eight countries from Eastern Europe joined the EU in 2004.

Nigel Farage said: "So, it's 2017 Mr Blair. And you've written in the Sunday Times that open door immigration leads to people's wages becoming lower, leads to people struggling to get access to public services.

"Oh, and also Mr Blair apparently it leads to problems of integration in Britain's towns and cities.

"And you've done all of this by saying that no longer are the policies I had as Prime Minister appropriate. No apology. No concept of what you've done to towns and cities all over this country.

"Not just by opening up the doors, but by deliberately encouraging mass immigration as well.

"Remember, your adviser said you wanted to rub the noses of the right in diversity.

"Well you did a very good job. And you alienated millions and millions of people.

"I think the whole thing is completely beyond the pale."

Watch the full superb take down above.