Nigel Farage Has A Stern Message For The “Day Of Rage” Protesters

20 June 2017, 20:47

Nigel Farage has issued a stern message to anybody thinking of taking part in the so-called “Day of Rage” protest on Wednesday.

Thousands of demonstrators are set to descend on Westminster to mark the Queen’s Speech.

It’s understood protesters from left-wing movements are hoping to “shut down London” on the day the monarch opens Parliament.

Nigel Farage Day of Rage
Picture: LBC/PA

Labour’s John McDonnell has called for the protests to remain “peaceful” amid fears the large-scale movement could turn violent.

Responding to the reports on his LBC show, Nigel described any such event as “dangerous” as he issued a strong message to anybody thinking of taking part.

“I don’t like a lot of the things that have been said by the hard-left of the course of the last few weeks,” he said.

“The whole point of having a democracy is you don’t need to take to the streets, you don’t need to move to something that is intimidatory or even violent.

“Whatever happens tomorrow I really hope these people who want their ‘Day of Rage’, I hope they behave themselves.”