Nigel Farage Has An Idea How Nerve Agent Was Brought Into UK

18 March 2018, 13:19 | Updated: 18 March 2018, 13:21

Nigel Farage suggests diplomatic bags may have played a part in the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Boris Johnson has stepped up his war of words against Russia, and accused Jeremy Corbyn of aiding "the Russian propaganda machine."

But while asking listeners whether they had enough evidence to make up their mind as to who was behind this poisoning, Nigel Farage thought of one possible explanation for how the nerve agent was initially brought into the country.

Nigel was speaking to Rudy from Exeter when his idea came to mind.

"There is one explanation that has just come to me, that might put this closer to the Russian government and Putin" he said.

"There is something called the diplomatic bag.

"And diplomats go back and forth between countries with a diplomatic bag which is not to be checked.

"Putting that nerve agent inside a diplomatic bag would get it into this country without any checks."

Nigel was fascinated by another listener, Glen from Hull, who described the detail airport baggage scans work at.

"If some of this nerve agent was in a suitcase, would the scanners be likely to pick it up?" he asked.

Glen said: "If it was in a large enough amount, it'd pick it up."

"So if this was a very tiny amount of powder, would it really get picked up?


Nigel returned to his theory that diplomatic bags could have played a part in transferring the chemical.

"It all looks to me that maybe these pieces of evidence do point to diplomatic bags.

"Maybe we've uncovered something here that maybe does point more directly towards it being somebody associated directly with the Russian administration."

Listen to the conversation in full in the video above.