Nigel Farage: I’m Sick Of The Global Elites Talking Down Britain

25 October 2017, 20:16 | Updated: 25 October 2017, 20:26

Nigel Farage says he’s “tired and bored” of the global elites taking a pessimistic stance on Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The LBC presenter said there’s “much more” to be optimistic about with Brexit then many are willing to let on.

He was speaking after the former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told LBC Brexit would lead to fewer jobs and hurt those who voted Leave the most.

The billionaire businessman was speaking as he opened a brand new headquarters in the City of London - which left Nigel very confused.

Broadcasting from Washington DC, he said: “I am getting tired and bored with this constant negativity we're getting from the global elites.

“We had the same thing from the boss of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein last week saying maybe his guys would all move out to Frankfurt.

“Let me tell you something, Deutsche Bank has just taken a long-term 20-year lease in the City of London on a vast amount of office space.

"If they're doing it, if Bloomberg’s doing it, frankly my view is that political opinions don't matter, in the end money talks and I think there's much more to be optimistic about than be pessimistic about.”

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