Nigel Farage compares Jihadism to deadly coronavirus following Streatham terror attack

4 February 2020, 19:59 | Updated: 4 February 2020, 20:09

Nigel Farage compared Jihadism to coronavirus during a debate over longer prison sentences.

Dan from Essex called The Nigel Farage Show, when the presenter made the comparison as they debated on how to prevent terror attacks following the Streatham attacks.

The conversation comes as the Government is planning to make a change that would ensure prisoners would no longer be automatically freed at the halfway point of their sentences.

Dan said: "This is an absolute joke, to increase the sentences from half to three quarters is an absolutely joke. Their ideology and policies are so deeply ingrained inside them.

"And aren't they told to lie and cheat the non-believers to get what they want."

Nigel responded: "You are absolutely right in saying that, but that is a practice that some think is acceptable. So how the hell do we know?

Nigel Farage compares Jihadism to coronavirus
Nigel Farage compares Jihadism to coronavirus. Picture: Global

"Alright, we are talking about coronavirus but jihadism is a virus too isn't it?"

Dan agreed and called it an "imbalance of the mind."

"I don't believe any new legislation program will work," Dan added. "Because if they are told that they can lie and cheat, if I'm using those psychology tricks, I'm sure even I can convince you that the EU is fantastic."

Nigel replied: "I'll tell you what Dan, that will take you a very long time."

The call comes after Sudesh Amman, 20, from Harrow, was shot dead on February 2 after stabbing two people in Streatham.

Amman was released from prison 11 days before the attack after serving half of a three-year four month prison sentence for a string of terror offences.