Nigel Farage Lays Into John Bercow Over Brexit Row

9 January 2019, 20:25 | Updated: 10 January 2019, 12:40

Nigel Farage has laid into John Bercow, questioning his impartiality over Brexit and other big issues.

The LBC presenter launched the tirade after the House of Commons Speaker sparked a parliamentary row on Wednesday.

It’s after he allowed a vote on whether Theresa May should be forced to reveal her Plan B within three days, should lose a vote on her Brexit deal next week.

Nigel Farage ripped into John Bercow on Wednesday night
Nigel Farage ripped into John Bercow on Wednesday night. Picture: PA/LBC

The speaker was accused of "unprecedented" action ahead of the continuation of the debate on the deal on Wednesday.

Nigel joined a long list of Brexiteers furious with Mr Bercow.

“The political class in Westminster simply don't accept the Brexit result and they will do everything they can to frustrate it, delay it, dilute it, get rid of it and this includes, in my opinion, the Speaker of the House John Bercow,” he thundered.

“He is not impartial on this or frankly any other issue.

“I think he stepped way over the mark today, he's broken with parliamentary precedent.”