Nigel Farage: The Hard-Left Are Becoming Violent… And I Speak From Experience

25 September 2017, 20:29 | Updated: 25 September 2017, 20:44

Nigel Farage has revealed the level of abuse he received from the hard-Left in recent years became so bad, he had to have his own security detail.

The former Ukip leader told his LBC listeners for four years he was targeted by trolls - with the attacks happening 24/7 at its worst.

He was speaking as it was reported the BBC has assigned a security detail to its political editor Laura Kuenssberg at the Labour party following threats.

Nigel said the journalist ought to “get used to it” as it’s something he’d be victim of for “quite some years”.

Broadcasting from Alabama in the US, he said: “Something that has been happening here is a lot on the Left, and I’m not specifically pointing the finger at Labour because a lot of it will be other organisations that purport to be against racism and for love and peace, and actually they’ve become increasingly violent.”

He continued: “In my case it was considered absolutely fair game ‘Oh well Farage thinks we should control immigration and leave the EU so that’s OK if people want to bash him up’ - you may think that, I don’t, I think in a democracy it’s ridiculous that I had to reach the level of having security on the basis.

“But perhaps now the BBC’s [political editor] has to have security we’ll start to realise it isn't just people on the hard-Right that are nasty, there are plenty on the hard-Left that are very nasty indeed.”