Nigel Farage livid as flights from Italy land in UK despite quarantine

8 March 2020, 13:33 | Updated: 8 March 2020, 13:35

By Seán Hickey

As the coronavirus-ridden north of Italy goes under quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease, Nigel discovered that flights from the region continue to arrive in the UK.

A listener texted in to Nigel to share his discovery that flights from Milan are arriving in Bristol to which Nigel said "they're coming in to Gatwick as well."

Nigel found it ridiculous that although the entire north of the Mediterranean country is on lockdown, yet it is acceptable to"get on an aeroplane and come to Bristol".

The fury didn't stop there, with Nigel claiming to see flights landing from Venice and Milan in Gatwick, Heathrow among other UK airports.

He couldn't believe how relaxed the British policy on combatting coronavirus was.

Milan has been put on lockdown after quarantine
Milan has been put on lockdown after quarantine. Picture: PA

The worst for Nigel was that when you arrive in the UK from Italy, the worst hit European country "you wont even be medically checked".

He laughed at the attempts of the government to prevent the disease coming into the UK and prevent the spread amongst Brits.

"We're not even trying to stop coronavirus coming into this country."