Nigel Farage: Emmanuel Macron Is The Real Enemy, Not Marine Le Pen

24 April 2017, 21:01 | Updated: 24 April 2017, 21:13

Nigel Farage has a message for those who have pinned their hopes on Emmanuel Macron beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the French election.

Speaking on his nightly LBC show, Nigel explained why it was in Britain’s interest for controversial Le Pen to defy the polls and emerge victorious in the final run off next month.

Alluding to Macron’s previous comments where he described Brexit as a “crime”, Nigel said: “I see Macron as the enemy!

“He's the enemy of nation state democracy, he believes in the European project he wants France to give away more power, he wants Brussels to be even stronger and I can't see that it's in our interests.”

He added: “When the Junckers and others are all lining up to try and punish Britain, whatever the sins of the past of Le Pen and callers tonight saying she is her father's daughter so she must be guilty which I reject completely.”

On Monday evening (24th), Le Pen announced she was stepping down as leader of her National Front party in order to concentrate on her campaign.

The shock move was described as “clever” by Nigel.

Watch his take on the two candidates above.