Nigel Farage: Merkel Is The Real Threat To Nato, Not Trump

29 May 2017, 20:43

Nigel Farage has laid out why he believes it’s not Donald Trump who is the biggest threat to the future of Nato - but instead Angela Merkel.

On Sunday, the German Chancellor suggested the EU could no longer rely on Britain or the US and said the bloc must “take its fate into its own hands”.

Last week, the US President, a staunch critic of Nato, demanded members reached their 2 per cent GDP target of defence spending.

But, speaking on his nightly LBC show, Nigel explained why it was Ms Merkel and the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker who were the real threat to Nato.

He said: “[The EU] feels they’re being left behind. Just as Mr Juncker has said before they have to go full steam ahead for complete integration in the Eurozone.

“[Angela Merkel] has certainly got Mr Macron from France to back her up on this, they want to have their own Eurozone parliament, their own Eurozone finance minister and it’s full steam ahead for the European Army.

“It means people will not be paying two per cent of their budget, towards defence, which means the future of Nato is genuinely threatened.”