Nigel Farage On Why Labour's Tax Plan Is Down To Jealousy

2 March 2017, 20:33 | Updated: 2 March 2017, 20:41

Nigel Farage accused Labour's John McDonnell of jealously over his call to force high earners to make their tax returns public.

The shadow chancellor believes publishing records of those earning over £1m would help reduce tax avoidance.

However, Nigel Farage dismissed the claim - accusing Mr McDonnell of “hating people who have done well”. 

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Surely there must be plenty of people on low incomes who evade tax not just people on high incomes who evade tax.

"This isn't about tax evasion this is about pure jealousy. This is about hating people who have done well!

"I'm surprised you don't actually say that maybe mobs should gather in the streets outside their houses and throw stones at their windows because if you do this to people you will actually make them vulnerable to public attack."