Nigel Farage opens up about constant resistance to Brexit celebration plans

14 January 2020, 20:17 | Updated: 14 January 2020, 20:19

Nigel Farage opened up for the first time about the constant resistance to the Brexit celebration plans he's experiencing from London organisations.

Nigel Farage and other Brexiteers are drafting plans for a £100,000 party to take place in Parliament Square on 31st January and are also campaigning to have Big Ben bong for Brexit to mark the occasion.

The LBC presenter revealed that the plans for a "modest firework display" have been repeatedly denied and they are unable to use a government roof, the river or St James' Park thus far.

"Everywhere we go everybody is trying to frustrate the attempt to have a public celebration of this historic moment."

He assured a caller that "we are not giving up."

Reportedly this party may cost over £50,000 a bong and Brexit Party chair Richard Tice revealed to LBC that if the clock doesn't chime, he plans to play a recording of Big Ben through huge speakers.